Did someone say, charcoal juice? Indeed, a lot of people are saying it. Juice companies are adding activated charcoal to their products because the charcoal can absorb toxins from the body and leave you feeling renewed. You’re probably wondering if this seemingly odd idea can actually help purify and energize — it can! Once you’re over the look of a bottle of black juice, you’re well on your way.

Activated charcoal is not the charcoal that grilling bricks are made of. Rather, it’s charcoal that is high in carbon and made from coconut shells that have been heated in order to be able to absorb even more than regular charcoal. Don’t worry: this charcoal is food-grade and can be safely ingested. You cannot, however, char a burger over it.

Can I actually drink this blackish-grey stuff?

The good news is that charcoal lemonade adds very little taste to whatever it’s added to. Lemonade will still taste like lemonade; juice will still taste like juice and a kale smoothie will still taste like a kale smoothie.

It also won’t mask the taste, either. Because of this, you can add activated charcoal to just about any juice cleanse without having to worry about the flavor.

But does it work?

This is the big question, isn’t it: what does it do? Activated charcoal binds toxins (think pesticides and other chemicals found in food) very strongly. It does this so well that it’s used by professionals as a treatment for some types of poisoning. When used in moderation and combined with a juice cleanse, activated charcoal can help pull unwanted toxins out of your system.

Is activated charcoal lemonade safe?

Yes! Activated charcoal is a favourite for detoxification because your body doesn’t actually absorb it. You drink it; it does what you sent it in to do and it leaves, taking toxins with it. Drink activated carbon in juice between (but not with) meals.

What you need to know to use activated charcoal properly

Activated charcoal binds with a number of things beyond toxins, like healthy vitamins and minerals. For this reason, you should space out your doses so that they don’t overlap with meals. Taking other medication? Don’t drink your charcoal juice alongside other medication; this will avoid having the charcoal bind with your medication, which you don’t want. Also: be sure to drink lots of water along with your juice to keep your fluid levels up!

Safe, natural and without side effects

Activated charcoal juices are all natural and safe to drink. As long as you follow the guidelines above, it will remove toxins from your body. Most people’s systems do just fine with activated charcoal, so there’s no real danger in trying it. Because it isn’t absorbed into your system, it shouldn’t add to any problems you’re experiencing.

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