2 Week Lighten Up Cleanse


The SimplyRaw Lighten Up Cleanse is designed to kick-start your health with 100% whole, unprocessed plant foods (cooked and raw).  It is an excellent introductory cleanse that is gentle, but effective enough to deliver results. Ideal for people looking for a gentle reboot to revitalize the whole body.


The Lighten Up Cleanse is appropriate for those wanting to:

  • Transition to a healthier, cleaner lifestyle
  • Follow a proven plan with Natasha’s experienced guidance and the support of a like-minded group
  • Experience the benefits of an alkaline, allergen-free diet and revitalize your whole body
  • Learn about new food choices and delicious possibilities
  • Achieve higher energy levels, improved digestion and glowing skin
  • Experience a gentle, practical approach to cleansing
  • As a  side benefit, many participants also lose excess pounds!

Ottawa area residents receive the benefit of weekly group meetings. These will be held at SimplyRaw Express, 989 Wellington St W, Ottawa, ON. Join the group program from anywhere in the world & get direct one-on-one support from Natasha! Can’t make the group meetings? No problem! Start anytime and get direct one-on-one guidance. One hour of individual phone support with Natasha is included over the course of the program.


  1. Y Osman

    I feel so healthy after Natasha’s 2 week cleanse. I have lost weight, and belly fat, I have more energy, and I feel great. My cravings or alternating salty & sweet foods have disappeared, and I kicked the coffee habit with only one minor headache. Thank you!!

  2. N Synowski

    Natasha’s programs consistently deliver results. Whether you are new to organic and healthier food options or already incorporate this into your life, there is always something to be learned!

  3. Eric H

    After the 2 week cleanse, I lost 5 lbs and had a significant drop in my blood pressure. This demonstrates the value of a plant-based diet and really encourages me to continue.

  4. Alexia N

    The most remarkable change was the disappearance of two large ganglion cysts on my wrist! I’ve had them for years and my doctor suggested surgery to remove them. It came as a complete surprise when they started going down in size after only one week. After 4 weeks, they’re completely gone!

  5. Norm

    I just finished my very first 14 day Lighten Up Cleanse. I have never felt better in such a short period of time. I have lost weight, I have more energy and I sleep like a baby. The Sunday meetings were very helpful. Thanks Natasha!

  6. Anne-Marie B

    After 2 weeks of being on The Lighten Up Cleanse, I’ve lost 8 lbs, feel better, sleep better, and experience less aches and pains. Thank you, Natasha!

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