Cleanse at Home Program

The SimplyRaw Cleanse at Home Program is ideal if you wish to detoxify, juice fast, lose weight,  and recalibrate under the personal guidance of Natasha, within the privacy and convenience of your own home. 

Available anywhere in the world

I will work individually with you, providing all the guidance, inspiration and knowledge you will need to ensure a positive (and fun!) cleansing experience. If you need support, encouragement and someone to cleanse or juice fast along with you, then look no further.  I am  happy to join forces with you!  Starting at a minimum 3 day commitment, the Cleanse at Home program is available for up to a maximum of twenty-eight days, depending on your needs and goals.

While you cleanse in the comfort of your own home, you will be supported in the following services:

Services offered:

  • Lifestyle Counseling Ongoing guidance, support and education to help you meet your individual health goals. Guidelines, recipes, shopping lists, body care practices and food plans are provided to help you transition in and out of your cleanse.
  • Food Prep Learn to prepare quick, simple and delicious raw meals, juices and smoothies that maximize your health goals.
  • Pantry Clean Out Learn to set up your kitchen with the best ingredients to achieve the glowing changes that you’re striving for.
  • Grocery Shopping Natasha will show you how to wisely navigate the grocery aisles. You will choose the best whole foods to support your wellness needs.

Cleanse Options:

  • 3 day Weekend Reset
  • 1-week Juice Fasting
  • 2-week Lighten Up Cleanse
  • 3-week Lighten Up Weight Loss Plan
  • 4-week SimplyRaw Living Foods Detox

Please contact me for available dates and prices.

“Fly me in! I will travel anywhere in the world to work directly with you one-on-one and guide you to radiant health!”

Conditions and Limitations:

  • Up to 8 hours of personal support per day (including shopping, food prep, and counseling);
  • Available on a limited basis (only a few times per year, subject to scheduling availability);
  • Private accommodation (a separate room) should be provided to Natasha;
  • You are responsible for the cost of all food, supplements and amenities;
  • Return (economy) airfare + program fees must be paid upon booking;
  • For personal security reasons, personal references are required.

World Leader and TedX Speaker

Natasha Kyssa is best-selling author of The SimplyRaw Living Foods Detox Manual and The SimplyRaw Kitchen. Her books are recognized by Mariel Hemingway and Bif Naked, and she is recognized internationally for her dedication to a fresh, whole, plant-based lifestyle.

Natasha also owns SimplyRaw Express Juice Bar and Takeaway in Ottawa, Canada.  A health pioneer and food innovator, she is often featured in the media.  Natasha has been living a raw vegan lifestyle for 25 years, and has been facilitating nutritional/cleansing programs since 1990, helping people improve their health one meal at a time.

Natasha has studied at various health institutes, including: the Ann Wigmore Institute, the Hippocrates Health Institute, Optimum Health Institute, The Gerson Institute, Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, as well as other well-known organizations around the world. She has also studied darkfield live cell microscopy and has counseled many clients on the Arise & Shine Clean Me Out Colon Cleanse, and other detoxification programs after studying with Dr. Richard Anderson in 1995.

At 58 years of age, Natasha is active, youthful and thriving.

Reclaim Your Health and Live to Your Full Potential!

Please contact Natasha for available dates and prices.

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