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Natasha has 20 years of experience with cleansing and nutrition from a live food perspective.

Connect directly with Natasha for personal healthy lifestyles coaching. Natasha’s coaching will help you to identify and understand your needs and goals, and provides ongoing support, motivation & guidance to help you reach your goals. Whether you wish to adopt a plant-based diet or to simply eat healthier, Natasha’s approach guides you through stages at your own pace, focusing on a series of short-term changes, to attain longer-term goals.

Available world-wide for online consultations.

*Personalized 1 to 1 coaching
*Individualized food plan customized to your needs
*Practical steps on modifying your diet
*Simple, easy to use guidelines
*Experienced transitioning advice
*Focus on gradual changes that are sustainable

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation focuses on assessing your current lifestyle, dietary habits and health issues; reflecting on how a raw foods lifestyle can help with desired lifestyle and health changes; and coming up with a plan to achieve positive changes.

  • Assess where you’re at – your current habits & lifestyle
  • Define where you want to get to – your personal goals & needs
  • Create short-term, easy-to-manage steps – your plan

Follow-up Sessions

Ongoing support is a great way for you to stick with your plan, and achieve your goals. During follow-up sessions, Natasha will discuss your progress toward your goals, changes and new challenges you’re facing, and help motivate you towards achieving your goals.

  • Reflect upon your progress since your last visit
  • Review your original goals, and modify if necessary
  • Explore new challenges since your last visit
  • Motivational support to help you take it to the next step
  • Working together to make your goals a reality

atasha has 20 years of experience with cleansing and nutrition from a live food perspective.

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