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TuNO pate

Dolphin AND tuna-friendly! A favourite both at home and at my restaurant.  Delicious eaten as a dip, in salads, or wraps. 2 cups walnuts (soaked overnight) 4 stalks celery, chopped 2 carrots, shredded juice of 1 lemon 1 TBSP raw apple cider vinegar 3 green onion,...

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Late Night Food Swaps

We all have done it as some point or another.  Whether it’s a late night meal or after dinner munchies, chances are you’ve given in to midnight indulgences every once in a while.  Often prompted by stress, depression, excessive screen-time, or boredom, night eating...

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Foods to Boost the Immune System Naturally

When it comes to fighting viruses, everyday precautions such as washing our hands often and avoiding sick people are key. However, what we eat (as well as our attitude, exercise, fresh air and sunshine) also plays a role in building the immune system and preventing...

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5 Quick & Easy Ways to Eat Healthy

Many people find it challenging to eat healthy with such busy lifestyles. However, being busy does not necessarily mean we have to forgo healthy eating habits; it just requires someorganization. Be prepared.  Make a date with yourself to shop for fresh produce. Wash...

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These Foods Can Alter Your Mood: How Do You Want To Feel?

Will the food you're reaching for make you feel calm and balanced? Vibrant and energized? Or slow and hazy? Our culture often positions food as entertainment, so we often forget that what we choose to eat can directly affect our mood. Learning how we eat affects our...

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How to Stay Fit Throughout Winter

Burrowed under a cozy blanket with a warm cup of tea is how most of us would like to spend our winters. Unfortunately, no successful fitness program regularly swaps out workouts for couch-time. Exercise motivation can be higher in the sunny days of summer when it's...

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5 Simple Habits That Boost Gut Health

Gut health is intricately linked, and crucial to, our overall health, including maintaining a healthy weight and youthful skin. A healthy gut will boost your energy, moods, immunity, and gives you that gorgeous glow. If you are in the midst of a cleanse, or ready to...

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Spotlight On: Detox Remedy

  Did someone say, charcoal juice? Indeed, a lot of people are saying it. Juice companies are adding activated charcoal to their products because the charcoal can absorb toxins from the body and leave you feeling renewed. You’re probably wondering if this...

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